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What if it isn’t junk?

Pipes, screws and wheels. Nuts, bolts and wires. To some people, these are meaningless, transient debris from a busy world. But what if they aren’t? What if these often discarded scraps have a life of their own, or a life after they have been tossed aside?

Enter Jessica Forrestal. While living in New York, she noticed city streets piled high with detritus and thought, What if it isn’t junk? What if this could be made into something new?

So she started creating sculptures from items she rescued. When she became frustrated that gravity wouldn’t allow her to build structures as she imagined them, she turned to pen and paper. And after deciding small scale drawings didn’t have the presence she desired, she went bigger. Much bigger.

artwork sample

Installation at ReCreative Denver

But her drive to mural goes even deeper – in a world where humans are ever-focused on acquiring, Jessica sought to make art that could not be owned.

“We are always collecting things that are going to improve us, that will give us value. Even art has become a commodity to show our worth. I wanted to take that away,” explains Jessica, “By putting it on a wall, people are forced to come experience art, rather than own it.”

A bold approach, no doubt, and one she brings to the Children’s Museum as our spring artist-in-residence. During her open studio hours, she strives to encourage kids to appreciate items for what they could be, rather than what they are. Like re-imagining a screw as a snail or transforming a nozzle into a beautiful flower.

Jessica’s open studio hours

Stop by to create with Jessica most Fridays and Saturdays through June, and maybe you too will learn that things aren’t always what they seem – they are what you make of them.

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